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The Global Family Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

During the segments of prayer and worship, there are many blessings for the family of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. His bountiful messages of hope and salvation are for all of his congregants and those who have yet to be reborn in Christ .

Pastor Chris teaches us that , “being born again means you’re separated into a life of glory , triumph , success , prosperity , and a blessed assurance . The rudiments of this world no longer govern your life ; you ’ve been disconnected from the domain of darkness and transferred into the glorious liberty of the sons of God . This is beyond religion . Blessed be God ! .”

Lessons from a father

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was born into a family that lived their lives according to the message of the Bible. His father , Elder TE Oyakhilome was one of the pioneering members of the ‘Assembly of God Church ’ in Benin City. He was a man of faith and brought up his family in the Church .

To be so positively influenced at such a tender age is a signal of the greatness to come . It is recorded that the young Chris Oyakhilome went on his first crusade aged nine . Being born again is an integral part of the Christ Embassy Church . To this day Pastor Chris has hosted some of the largest crusades in Africa .

The influence of his family is seen in the working of Christ Embassy Church . With crusades entitled ‘Night of Bliss ’ , ‘Higher Life ’ and ‘Days of Glory’ the power is enshrined in the name . Christ Embassy is more than a church it is a family . It is a beautiful Christian family connecting Christians with a message encouraging you to live a life in Christ . His mother , Deaconess Oyakhilome is an embodiment of that message.

Influence of a mother

Her fairness of grace and loving warmth are renowned . This has been imprinted in the character of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome . The essence of his family is recorded in his teachings . The millions of people who tune in to hear him speak regard him as not merely a pastor but a father figure .

Pastor Chris has given us ways to show how we have a life in Christ . He encourages us to imitate the actions of Jesus Christ , our heavenly father . This begins by loving your family and taking care of all your family members .

“Every human person belongs to a biological family. As an individual , you have a responsibility towards your own family,” Pastor Chris has taken the messages learned from his family and brought them into his global Christian family . He teaches us to have a responsibility for our family and community . This is done by going out and sharing the Good News of the Gospel .

The spiritual family of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome began in his home and expanded into one of the largest Churches on earth. There are many Pastors who work for Christ Embassy as they have understood the message of the Gospel as taught by Pastor Chris .

The pastors and spiritual leaders that identify with Christ Embassy Church are ” of the same stock; from the same lineage and family tree . Not only has God identified Himself with us , But He ’ s also brought us into oneness with Himself. We ’re in union with Him . We ’re bearers of His Name , partakers of His divine nature , and carriers of His glory .”

At university Pastor Chris started preaching the gospel and those ministers he met there are an integral part of the ministerial family we enjoy today . Being united in mission Rev Tom Amenkhienan , his wife Pastor Joy Amenikahan and Pastor TT Edun are just three of those ministers who have been part of the Church since its early days . They share the same vision and mandate for doing God ’s work .

More than a brother

On his road to World Evangelism , Pastor Chris has found a spiritual brother in Pastor Benny Hinn. Their mutual minds have brought about many wonderful crusades known as

‘Your LoveWorld’. These events are broadcast to the word and many prophecies , miracles , and healings have been enacted during that time .

They have brought the power and spirit of God to the USA . The establishment of the LoveWorld USA network was a landmark in televangelism . Together they have created a strong ministry that will bring the Word of God into more people ’s homes . They are connected to their people and united by their love of Jesus.

The connection they have is as brothers . They are a spiritual family. “Those in heaven are as real in heaven as we are on the earth , but it’s one and the same family,” said Pastor Chris in ‘Rhapsody of Realities .’ When Pastor Chris introduced his Pastor Benny to his mother you witnessed the biblical command to honor your mother as he addressed her. In her, he saw the blessed gift that is a mother .

All are welcome to the global family of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris ’s teaching reminds us that “your presence in your family is for the preservation and salvation of every member of that family!” This notion of responsibility towards each other is God -given. It is activated in the humanitarian work the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has undertaken .

He recognizes that as a child of God , you have the power to change hopeless situations. The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International extends the Christian family to beyond the church walls . Acts of kindness are performed round the clock under the guidance and tutelage of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The destitute are not forgotten but brought into the family of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome .

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