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Pray these 10 short but effective prayer points if you want money to come your way

Have you ever heard of that adage that says determination is the only key to success? So either one is going to make it in life or the vise versa, it is now left to you to decide.

Prayer is just a quick way of speeding something up, no one will ever pray that evil should happen to him/her. But also remember that while praying, you must also put in your hard work too because you can't be praying alone without doing anything and be expecting miracle to happen.

Today am going to give us a quick but effective prayer points that will make money come your way no matter the circumstance but you have to pray it with faith for it to work.

(1) As I step out of my abode this morning, let Favour locate me.

(2) Wherever my benefactor may be, if he hasn't done what God has sent him to do for me, let his mind not be in peace.

(3) As am stepping out into the wilderness of the world today let me meet Favour.

(4) wherever I may find myself today, let your grace always be with me.

(5) Only with my eyes shall I use to see evil but it will not come near me

(6) I shall not be implicated either knowingly or unknowingly.

(7) Oh lord the spirit of not loosing opportunity plant it in my oh Lord

(8) Read Psalm 150 three times

(9) Read Psalm 61, Psalm 54 and Psalm 71

(10) To crown it all, after you might have done all the prayer points above ensure that you call on the "BLOOD OF JESUS" 7 times before leaving your house and then leave the rest to the baba God in heaven.

Our prayers will all be answered in Jesus name.

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