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"Na Everything You Go Testify For Church?"Look At A Man's Testimony In His Church

When the lord does something good for someone,the only way most people show appreciation is testifying in the church.

Testimony of what God did for a person varies,there are testimonies i believe one will offer to God in secret and there are other testimonies you give just to edify the church.

A man in a church,name withheld, in Nigeria,had a marital issue and it involved performance on his own part when having s*x with his wife,this issue keeps giving him concern because he cannot perform as expected.

He notified the pastor of his situation,the man of God gave him an anointing water to always put in his drinking water whenever he wants to meet the wife. He went home and did as instructed by the man of God. The first and second time he applied the anointed water in his drink nothing happened.

It was during the third application of the anointed water that he felt a strange boost of energy all around his body including his s*xual region. After that night with the wife,the wife was very happy with him and thanked him for making her a woman.

The man felt that yes! God has done it for me so i have to testify. He was given the microphone to give his testimony,the pastor was not aware of the type of testimony he wanted to edify the church with.

He exposed everything to the congregation on how he was s*xually inactive,the anointing water,how he satisfied the wife to the extent of detailing everything bit of what transpired during the intercourse. The pastor on hearing the good but bizarre testimony instructed the microphone to be taken from him and barred him from giving testimonies in the church.

That is why some churches nowadays don't just allow people to just come out to give testimonies without first and foremost,relaying such testimony to the people in charge, if its worth giving,he or she will be allowed to come out to avoid a fall out in the church.

Declaimer:The photo is just for reference purposes and has nothing to do with the story

What did you think,did the pastor did the right thing?

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