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Are You Already Awake? Pray These Powerful Prayers To Silence Everyone Mocking Your Life And Family

There are many reasons one can be mocked by others but believe me none has ever been for a good reason.

It could be as a result of being single, childlessness, poverty, sickness etc. No matter the reason the enemy is mocking you, bear in mind that we have a God that knows how to turn the expectations of mockers into total disappointment. 

This is not the time to cry because they are mocking you, rather it's time to pray seriously to the God that is able to shut every mocking mouth. As you pray these prayers with faith, God will disappoint all your mockers in Jesus name. Amen

1) Oh Lord, magnify yourself as a mighty God in my life before people starts mocking your name over what I'm passing through. In Jesus name.

2)Oh Lord, answer my silent prayers because of my mockers and arise speedily in my situation and answer my silent prayers in Jesus name.

3) Father please start your work at that area of my life where my enemies are saying that it is over for me today in the name of Jesus.

4) Father destroy by fire every evil dream that is opposing my vision and tetimony today in the mighty name of Jesus.

5) Oh Lord swallow up today any battle that I thought I have won, but has risen up again against me in Jesus' name.

6) Oh Lord take away every reproach and shame from my life and cause everyone mocking me to be silenced by my testimony in the name of Jesus.

7) Father let any battle that I covered up with the garment of emptiness, be destroyed by fire in my life today in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

8) Oh Lord, my father let any battle that wants to render my efforts fruitless end today in Jesus name.

9) Father let all my goodness that has been stopped by evil people, come forth by fire in Jesus name.

10) I receive my miracles today in Jesus mighty name.

By the mercies of God, every one mocking your life, family, status, business because of one ugly condition or another will be dumbfounded today in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen. Cry no more for there is hope for you.

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