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Say This Prayer Against Every "Evil" Dreams.

There are five(5) stages of sleep but the one we experience when we dream is called the Rem sleep, during this stage will have no control of our bodies all hormones tend to grow. And also this is when our body growths start.

However during this stage of sleep will, experience what is called dream which is natural, but do you no that our enemies and the devil make use of this opportunity to torture us.

You may experience bad dreams about death, accident, someone trying to kill you or even poverty, some of us don't sleep because of the fear about what we are going to dream about. But will can conquer this evil power through prayer, so let's Pray.

Father LORD I thank you for prevailed of being your son/daughter.

LORD I pray to overcome the spirit of evil dream, any power that rise against me when I sleep and try to torture me through my sleep, let them be condemned in Jesus name.

I shall not longer suffer from evil dreams in Jesus name.

LORD take total control of my life when I sleep, according to the book of ( Isaiah 41:10) Fear not; for I am with thee, be not dismay; for I am thy God, I will strengthen thee, yea I will help thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

I shall dream a dream of vision and Revelation, a dream of Open Doors.

Testimony shall be my second name in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Your prayers have been answered in Jesus name, from now henceforth you shall give testimony and sleep in peace like a baby.

It is done!!

please share this prayer with others and touch life's.

Like and follow me for more powerful Prayers.

Thank you and God bless. STAY SAVE

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Jesus Rem


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