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Commit Your Day Into The Hands Of The Lord As You Go Out Today

As you go out in the morning, you have to make it an habit to say word of prayer to God. You cannot protect yourself and He is the only one that can protect you. As long as there is a man to pray, then there is a God to answer. Commit your day into the hands of the Lord as you go out today

We slept sweetly and woke up soundly in your grades; it is not by my power but by your mercies. Thank you father

As we go out today, please Lord let your presence abide with us

Deliver us from any form of accidents today in the mighty name of Jesus

Keep us and protect us from evil Lord and don't allow the enemies to overcome us this day Lord

Direct our parts Lord and let your presence always abide with us today

Death shall not be our portion today in the name of Jesus

The money you desire shall be granted to you this dqy in the name of Jesus

You shall not be put to shame this day in the name of Jesus

You shall not fall into debt this day in the name of Jesus

The Lord will be your divine provider

When it looks like things are getting tough, He will stand up for you

The grace you need to make enough money shall be granted unto you

You will not make wrong decisions in the name of Jesus

Your divine helpers will locate you this day in the name of Jesus

The presence of the Lord shall not leave your presence tonight

He will protect you from all forms of evil tonight

His love shall overshadow you as you sleep tonight

He will deliver you from all the arrows that flies by night

You glory will shine upon us tonight as we sleep and we will be too hot for the devil

Thank you for answering our prayers

We pray, in Jesus name


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