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The Lord Has Told Me From Ephesians 6: 6 That It A Big Sin To Make People Happy– Apostle Suleman

Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Superintendent of Omega Fire Department, sent a video message to the public in a recent Facebook post. The clergyman reportedly said in his speech: "I want you all to listen carefully! If you don't want the Lord to keep leading you through new stages of instruction, you must mute other people's voices and close your eyes to their point of view."

As you gain consciousness and become more natural, you will find that insulting others becomes less fun. Just because you don't want to offend someone doesn't mean you try not to offend them. But to see them as morally righteous people "People always fall victim to God's correction when they think they're good," he said, adding, "I always try to make people happy, and that's great." But it's not. " In this connection, the Bible verse in Ephesians chapter 6 reads: 6 made it clear to me that God considers it a sin to please others. why? Because the actions you take fall into the category of "male favor.".

Afterwards, he continued, "My point is this!" God wants us to have a humble spirit. But not in the way men do. For if he truly obeys God, he will obey God's commands. If he disobeys God, he will disobey God's commands. And if you follow God completely, you will do great harm to people."

"But if you choose to serve the Lord, He will protect you, save you, and deliver you from sickness, barrenness, and want. With this information, we want to serve him because our Lord Jesus Christ declared that he would not forsake me and that I would please him. Because." 


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