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Idol Worshipers In Nigeria Should Take Note Of This.

The Federal Government Of Nigeria have been working diligently because of the recent pandemic disease. They are trying to make sure that the disease doesn't spread across the nation.

So, the Federal Government provided some medical guidelines that will ensure that the people won't contract the disease. Everybody is expected to follow these guidelines regardless of your religion and belief.

Idol worshippers, Christians and Muslims are expected to follow these guidelines in order to protect themselves from the disease.

However, Idol worshippers in Nigeria should note that, these guidelines provided by the Federal Government must be implemented in their worship centers.

They should always wear a face mask when carrying out their activities. They should ensure that their customers always wear face masks.

All idol worshippers in Nigeria should observe social distancing in their worship centers. Also, they should use hand sanitizer to wash their hands while carrying out their duties.

It's important to note that the picture used above is for illustration purpose.

If you are an idol worshipper, what do you think about this topic?.

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