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A Brief Summary On Pastor, W. F. Kumuyi's Service Today.

A brief summary of a message , presented today the the G. S of Deeper life Christian Bible Church at gbagada .


Maintaining the courage for holiness in a corrupt community


Revelation 2 vs 18-29


No. 1Point. The constant commander and preeminent Christ . Revelation 2 vs 18 - 19, 1 vs 14

This point, strongly emphasises , that Jesus is the commander of the church , who knows every activity of the church , as He told the church of Thyatira , I know thy works , and charity and service , and faith and thy patience, and thy works , and the last to be more than the first .

No . 2 Point . condemnation of corruption in a polluted church. Revelation 2 vs 20 - 24

To the church of thyatire , who though everything was find and moving according to God's command, God knows every hidden agenda we plan to do, He knows His true followers even though every body pretend to be a saint .

Hidden corruption has taken over the present church , the pastor is polluted with fornication , the chorister , leader and members are filled with corruption , but sadly everybody comes in and pretend to be a saint , God had something against the church of thyatira over jezebel , which calls herself a prophetess , her work is to seduce the members of the church into fornication .

But God gave a space to repent , but she repented not, the bible says in revelation 2 vs 22 , I will cast her into the bed and them that commit adultery with her into tribulation , except they repent of their deeds .

No. 3 Point. the consecration and the courage of prevailing christian . Revelation 2 vs 25 - 29

We are living in the end time , the Time of trial , tribulations , persecutions , evil days . e.t.c. it only takes courage and consecration to over the storms of the end time , He says , But that which ye have already hold fast till I come .

Now the question is , What are you holding ? , sin , evil, fornication , masturbation , idolatry e.t.c we hold our faith in God , we should not weaver or go against our faith because of any thing , we are ought to be strong in Christ , so that at the last day we shall b an over comer .

He said, he that overcome and keeps my works unto the end to him will I give power over the nations of the earth .And shall rule them with a rod of iron , as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers , even as I received my father ., I will give him the morning star , He that has an ear , let him hear what the spirit says to the church.

My brothers and sister , you have had a little thing , from the sermon , Now verify your life , are you a polluted and corrupt member of the church , God is calling on you today , as He gave space for jezebel to repent , but she refuse , do you want to be cast into the lack of fire? , as jezebel was , repent today and receive Jesus as your lord and personal saviour .

Thank you for reading , as you have gone through article , you are blessed , pls don't forget to follow , like , comment and share for more inspiring update .

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