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Places to find good and hard-working women to marry

"And he made his camels kneel down outside the city by a well of water at the time of the evening, the time that women go out to draw."               [Genesis 24:11]

He made his Camels to kneel down or to humble themselves by the well outside the city gate at the time when the women go out to fetch water from the well.

You who are looking for a woman to be kind to you and to your camels, begin by humbling yourself before her and making those camels to kneel down in a way that would inspire her compassion and kindness towards you and the camels. Demeanor matters, especially when asking favor or help from a female stranger. We must see the humility that Rebekah saw in the Servant/Camels as well as the hunger/thirst she saw in their need.

Also the Camels were made to kneel down by the well of water outside the city where the women came out to fetch/draw, not kneeling by the gate of the city where people go in and come out. And it was at the right time for the Women to come out to draw.

You who are looking for a woman to marry, you should position yourself by something that attracts beautiful and hard working women to come out, at the right time they will be willing to come out of their city or comfort zone to that attractive spot.

First of all, associate with what would naturally attract them in the evenings to come out of wherever they are hiding in the city or comfort zones. Then bring down your highness or proudness, making things that should kneel down to kneel or bow down in humbleness.

And even though you have the ability to provide that water (services) by the well (attractive spot) by yourself, still need her by appearing humble and incapable of helping yourself so that your approaching her would make her feel you really need her and she's all you have to do that to you in the world at that matter or moment.

But behold the city of Nahor, where water main supply was situated outside the city. One did not have to get inside the city to find a fountain of water; rather on the contrary, those within the city allowed their young women to go outside the city to draw their water daily in the evenings. Imagine if that well was a market place.

I loved the way a rich Muslim man planted taps of water outside the fence of his great house, so that strangers and neighbors could fetch water from them free of charge at anytime. God bless those who do such things.

But what if the daughters or young women in the rich man's house also go outside the fence or gate of the rich man's house to fetch from the same water taps outside, wouldn't it be easier for wife-seekers or girlfriend-seekers to just wait for them by those water taps at the time they would come out to fetch?

Well it may not be a well or water mains; there are markets or shopping centres to attract women, hotspots on the streets, there are schools, there are road bus-stops for commuters waiting for taxi/cabs, there are recreational centres, there are Churches (Go to church and find a woman to marry), there are offices/working places especially in the evenings at closing of work, and there are social media where young women come out or show themselves out. But wherever attractive spot you are, first involve God ahead of you in prayer and involve humility, because being humble helps you to see better and clearer in your sense of judgment of people and things to select or choose.

But do not forget, that while this is about finding woman (wife), it is more about finding (winning) souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. I am still in position to find both souls and wife, and I use social media to find and teach souls for the Lord Jesus Christ, even more than I could ever use it to find a woman for wife. He was a servant seeking for a wife for his master, not for himself.

Do not be consumed in carnality, but be in the Spirit of God and Mind of Christ.

Prepare for eternity, not just for your remaining days in these times.

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