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Hour Of Prayer: Immediately It Is Twelve, And Pray These Prayers (Friday Afternoon)

From the scriptures, we saw that the Apostles by the custom of Israel, have hours of prayers, nine, twelve, three, and six. They were all accustomed to that pattern, and we're faithful to it. And this shouldn't be taken from our belief, hours of prayers still exist.

Prayers, don't forget they are weapon of every Christians, as it is used to command, speak and establish what we want, though prayer is not to establish evil things, or kill someone etc. But it is a sacred weapon in a believer's hand.

This is another hour of prayer, and this time we will be praying to unlock the mysteries of our life. Some people have been living, and don't know what to do with their lives, some know but don't have a deep understanding of what their lives entails. You can only know what your entails from the creator of your life.

The Bible says, call on to me, I will show you great, and mighty things that you know not.

Father, I cry to you now, reveal my life to me.

Lord, where do I need to function in this one life I have, reveal to me

Lord, I stand upon your word, and I say show me the great things about my life

Father, all prophecy over my life, Lord reveal them to me, so that I can work with it and he successful

Lord, if there is an idea that will change my life, Lord reveal it to me

Father, my life must yield results

The Bible says, the spirit searches to the deep things of God

Lord, I pray that you reveal your promises to me by the spirit

Father, let your holy Spirit, bring visions of my life to me

Lord, I refuse to be darkness

Lord, my life needs a pointer, help me to see it

Lord, I find my right path in life

Father, I will not disappoint Heaven

In Jesus name we have prayed


Thanks and God bless you all

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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