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Pictures Of How People Pay Money And Lie Flat For A Cow To Bless Them.

Religion defines no one, your lifestyle and attitude does. I cannot condemn any man's religion for I do not know enough about his or her religion. I think everyone should work with whatever they believe in for people left building their character to chase religion and ruined their lives.

A religious group of people have found their cow (bull in particular) worthy to be adored and worshipped. It is adorned in jewelries and scarfs. They beautify it because it is their god.

A chief priest attends to the bull and collects money from people who come to receive blessing from it. When this people lie flat on the ground, the bull raises it hoof and places it on their back as a sign of blessings.

Watching the video, I have observed that there is truly no better religion. Their are different animals worshipped by people and some even worship what they hand crafted. There is virtually no difference in all this and frankly no reason to condemn each other's religion.

I would rather condemn bad character and support good ones. This is what I think. please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you

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