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4 ways you can relate with people of other religions

Nigeria is a county that is not religious-based which means the country is not known for one religion. We coexist as a nation despite our religious and tribal differences. As a Muslim, it is proper to know that Allah wants us to live in peace with our non-Muslim neighbours. Since Islam is a religion of peace, here are ways to associate with non-Muslims.

1. Share common ideas with them.

A Muslim and non-Muslim sharing ideas

The fact that your neighbour is not a Muslim doesn't mean you should always engage in a verbal war. If you have any clash with a non-Muslim say, a Christian for instance regarding whether Jesus is God or not, act right. Don't counter him but make him understand that both Jesus Christ and Muhammad are prophets of God.

2. Represent your deen.

As you interact with non-Muslims, it is important you know that Allah doesn't permit unnecessary arguments. While trying to preach Islam to them, if they ask you any questions you can not answer, don't turn it into a heated argument; simply tell them you shall consult a higher scholar and get back to them.

3. Invite them to Islam but do it with Wisdom.

As you interact with them and make them your friends, it is possible for them to start falling in love with Islam. If this is noticed, try to invite them to Islamic events and subsequently to the Mosque. But make sure it is their wish to join you. When they follow you to Islamic events, they might fall in love with Islam and decide to join completely.

4. Care and Share with them.

The Quran is strongly behind being nice to your neighbours. Whatever you have, you can share with them. It could be food, money, or any desired things. Do not limit your care and share habits with your Muslim neighbours alone. Extent it to non-Muslims. Let us read from Sahih al-Bukhari 6020

I said, "O Allah's Messenger! I have two neighbors! To whom shall I send my gifts?" He said, "To the one whose gate is nearer to you."

Allah did not mention that he/she must be a Muslim neighbour or not. This means you can share with both Muslims and non-Muslim. Always learn to be a good Muslim who supports peace and shuns violence.

Do you have any difficulty in doing any of the above in your neighbourhood? Please share.

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