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See What Islam Teaches About 'Mating' With One's Wife.

See What Islam Teaches About 'Mating' With One's Wife.

The concept of Islam goes far beyond a mere religion, It's a total way of life. This is so because there's no aspect of human life that Islam doesn't explain, and living one's life in accordance with the teaching of Islam would make one to get everlasting rewarded from the Lord of the World.

In this article, I will briefly explain how Islam teaches the Muslims to 'mate' with their wife. In one of the teaching of the noble prophet of Allah, Prophet Muhammad, He stated that; 

"Do not have fun with your wife like animals, strive to engage in a prolonged foreplay first" 

The prophet (Peace be upon him) further his explanation by saying; having foreplay before mating will allow the wife to fulfil their desire as women do take longer time than men to get satisfied.

However, this teaching is prohibited for fornicators. Islam goes against fornication of any kind. Even touching the opposite gender is a means of formication in Islam.

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