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7 Things Apostle Joshua Selman Said About Wealth And Abundance

Apostle Joshua Selman spoke about the Spiritual Laws of Wealth and Abundance at Koinonia. According to him, there is a governmental system, how God administers power in this Kingdom. If you want to walk in authority in this Kingdom, you must understand the system of administering the power of God. There is also an economic system in this Kingdom and it is based on laws. However here are 7 things he said about Wealth and Abundance

1. The spiritual laws of wealth and abundance are potent but they are not the only laws. There are spiritual laws of wealth and abundance and physical laws of wealth and abundance. Both these spiritual laws and physical laws are called Kingdom laws, they are two sides of the same coin.

2. Lust for money is the strengthener of every kind of evil desire; that means evil desire is weak, when it collides with money, it can be strengthened. That means money helps to reveal the heart condition of a man.

3. Most of our givings are not potent because they come from a heart that is not surrendered to Him. If God does not have your heart, you are not ready to prosper in God's way.

4. Make up your mind to train everybody you know, yourself inclusive to never be ashamed of surrendering everything to the Lord. When your heart belongs to Him, He can trust you with anything and not be afraid.

5. God is still looking for treasurers. His last official treasurer disappointed Him; He's still looking for people to manage this money for Him.

6. The reason why people argue about tithe is because they think tithe is all about money, tithe is not all about money. There are two reasons why I think the tithe issue has become a controversy in the Body of Christ:

7. Tithe was supposed to be a mechanism according to scripture to cater for the priesthood and to cater for the building of the Lord's house. Within the boundary of contentment and vision and integrity, ten percent is what God's people bring and should be sufficient to run the activities of the ministry.

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