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My Story Must Change (MFM Prayer Points)

TOPIC: MY STORY MUST CHANGE TO GLORY TEXT: ISAIAH 43:19 You must be determined, that something good must happen in your life before the end of this year. You must be desperate, to end this year better than you started and not end it in sickness, debt, poverty but in glory. For you not to have a carryover of blessings till next year, you must be desperate for your story to change. Change from failure to favour, poverty to prosperity, begging to become a lender to the nation, sinner to become righteous.

You must ask yourself if the position you were since January is the same position you are till now.In Luke 5:1-6, Jesus saw two boats and in that season, He was looking for just one owner of the boat to speak to. He eventually choosed Simon Peter’s boat and He taught the multitudes from there. Jonah entered the boat of the people and they began to sink. Jesus entered the boat of Peter and he became a blessing.

        You need God to give you a direction to where your prosperity is. If you are directed by your mind and brain, you will miss it. But when you are directed by God, you will never miss it. If you use your brain instead of seeking direction from God you will fail.If you follow the direction of God, you will never sink, He would make a way for you and open doors for you. You need the direction of God to get to where your helper is.

      Jesus instructed Peter to cast his net again into the sea in a particular direction despite the fact that he toiled all night before then but Peter started using his brain initially to calculate the possibility of him catching more fishes since he was a professional fisherman until he decided to follow God’s word. That’s the mentality of a failure. Mentality of a failure can stop a man, failures argue and argue and that was why the man at the pool of Bethesda remained like that for 38 years and that was why the head of John was eventually cut off.

       Peter eventually followed the direction God gave him and he caught so many fishes and he entered into prosperity. For your story to change, you must know how to pray. You must pray violently. If you don’t pray you will remain in one spot, the enemy will be riding you. You need to be violent in prayer for something to happen in your life.

PRAYER POINTS [1] Every Satanic banks holding my treasures, money, ministry, career, marriage, academics that’s not making my glory to shine, catch fire in the name of Jesus

[2] Every Satanic blanket covering my glory, catch fire in the name of Jesus.

[4] Every power agreed to disgrace me, you’re a liar, I scatter you into powder in the name of Jesus.

[5] I shall not miss my divine allocation this year and many years to come, in the name of Jesus.

PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS [1] Your, Children story must change to glory.whatever may be the report of men concerning you change today by fire..

[2] You will never miss your divine allocation as planned and ordained by the most high God.

[3] This is your day, week and month to change from your present situation to glory in the name of Jesus.

[4] The voice of God will speak for your family,He will speak peace,joy, breakthrough and greatness in to your family..

[5] Your deliverance and healing this morning shall be permanent and things will turn around for your family.

[6] Today, in that wilderness you are, God will do a new thing in your life and it shall spring forth and all shall see it.

[7] power and grace to Possess your possessions today shall fall mightily upon your family in the name of Jesus.

[8] As from today, victory, favour,joy unspeakable and abundance shall locate you and your family in the name of Jesus.

[9] I decree that you,your family winner and never a loser in any way for any reason in the name of Jesus.

[10] Every mountain raised against your family rising and advancement shall be leveled in the name of Jesus.

God bless you as you type AMEN and share these post with friends on social media....

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