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No Demon Or Generational Curse Can Stand Your Way When God Says It's Your Season -Pastor Kimberly

Pastor Kimberly Jones is the Senior Pastor at Limitless Church in Fayetteville, Georgia. However, in a recent post on her official Twitter page (Real Talk Kim) sends an important message to believers.

She said that when God says it is your season, there is absolutely no human, demon, generational curse, fear, past failure or anything else that can stand in the way. Bank on that. So don't allow the devil to use this factors to stand in your way. These are instruments are used especially when God has a bigger plan for you. So don't allow the devil into your life because these are the problem he will bring and they will block your way to success during your own season.

So you just have to bank on the fact that nothing can stand in your way when God says it is your season. All you need to do is to put your faith in God and wait for Him to perform His miracles in your life during your season

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