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Say These Prayers Before Sleeping Tonight To Command Your Angel Of Protection

Do you have a fear of being caught off guard or encountering something bad? Are you concerned about the safety of your family when you all go out daily? Have you been threatened by an adversary who has pledged to bring you down, or have you been plagued by nightmares and demonic encounters? It's time to invoke angelic protection for yourself, your family, and your possessions.

People have many diverse notions regarding angels, but the Bible, God's Word, is the one authentic guide we have in comprehending angels. Some people see angels as small, chubby toddlers flying around with a toy disguised as a bow and arrow, but the Bible describes angels as great, powerful soldiers who are here to help, safeguard and deliver us. Some individuals believe that angels are persons who have passed away. However, the Bible clearly distinguishes between saints and angels. Angels belong to a different species than humans.

Angels are always present in your environment. They are keeping an eye on you and planting clues in your daily activities. However, this does not imply that they will always intervene in your life without your permission. They may wait for you to identify that you require aid before offering it. You might be obstinate or defiant in such situations. You might even grow resentful. After all, why would your angels desert you if they didn't love you? Do not be discouraged. Your angels haven't forgotten about you. They haven't left you.

They are merely waiting for you to contact them and ask for assistance. Stop and think about your behaviors if you've recently felt that your angels haven't been very helpful. Have you made a concerted effort to contact your angels? Have you sought their assistance, or have you simply expected them to intervene and solve your problems while you are completely unaware of their presence? Start doing your part now if you haven't already.

You may have relationships with several angels, but your guardian angel's bond will always be unique. In many ways, they are yours and yours alone. As a result, the two of you will be spiritually connected. When you need angelic aid, the greatest place to start is with your guardian angel. It should be easier to contact your guardian angel than it is to contact any other angel. Your guardian angel, after all, is unique to you.

Now, you will go down on your knees this seconds and say the prayer below with FAITH, to activate and command your assigned Angel from above for protection as you sleep tonight.

.  Father in Heaven! I bow before you, King of Glory, with a grateful heart and praises in my mouth. Thank you, gracious Lord, for your provision and protection in my life, family, career, and academic... In the name of Jesus, may your holy name be honored? 

.  I beg forgiveness for all of my flaws and sins, Father. Please forgive me, Lord. In the name of Jesus, I cover myself and everything I own with the blood of Jesus. 

.  Oh Lord, I beg your mercy in all things; I have sinned against you and fallen short of your grandeur; please forgive me and send down my assigned Angel to me, in the name of Jesus.

.  Thank you, Lord, for the angelic ministry. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the angelic network's outreach in the name of Jesus.

.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I pray that you fill me with a new hunger and thirst for your presence and power. Father! In the great name of Jesus Christ, I receive the grace to be spiritually aware so that I may know the time and season of my angelic visitation. 

.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Father, please reassign my guardian angels to me and let them begin protecting me in all of my ways. 

.  In Jesus' name, Father! please exempt me from all evil that will occur in my environment this season with the help of my guardian angel. I command my guardian angel to resume his work of protection on my behalf and that of my family and protect us from any savagery.

. In the great name of Jesus Christ, I pronounce that I will never longer be without help, but rather that I will always find help. I reject every devilish deception that tries to convince me that my angel isn't functioning in Jesus' powerful name.

.  In the great name of Jesus Christ, I receive the presence of angels to guide and defend my family as we go about our everyday routines. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

.  I pronounce that my family will no longer be stranded and that we will receive angelic visitations for financial assistance, in the powerful name of Jesus.

.  I pray that the angels entrusted to my loved ones begin to work right away, protecting them from all types of evil in the name of Jesus.

.  In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, all powers militating against my angelic visitation be annihilated by fire. 

.  In the great name of Jesus Christ, I command the orchestrations of hell fighting against my next level to catch fire right now. 

.  Father, Let those who come against me this month be as chaff in the wind, let the LORD's angel pursue them. Let their path be dark and treacherous, and let the LORD's angel persecute them in Jesus' name. 35:5-6 (Psalms).

. Today, I declare in Jesus' name that the Lord will deliver me from any wicked attack and transport me securely to his heavenly kingdom by the power of the Angelic network.1 Timothy 4:18.

. Lord, I summon your angels of great power. I let go and ask my angels to carry me up in their arms so I don't step on the stone. 91:12 (Psalm).

. I declare in the name of Jesus that I am living under an open heaven with angels ascending and descending over my head.

.  In Jesus' name, Lord, send your angel to bring me into my inheritance till I have it according to your word. Exodus 23:2.

 .  In Jesus' name, I declare and command Angelic help in September until my foes are consumed on all sides.

.  In the name of Jesus, I command financial prosperity angels to go to the four corners of the world and bring me financial wealth along with a mind-blowing witness. 

.  In Jesus' name, I release my angels to bring me answers to prayers I've asked in the past and to allow the harvest reward to fall abundantly on me. 

Thank you Jesus Christ for answered prayers... HEBREWS 11:1.

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