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Disclaimer: Boko Haram are not Muslims(Excerpts from the Holy Qur'an)

It's so disheartening that the Federal Government of Nigeria has been unable to put an end to the notorious insurgents popularly known as the Boko Haram. This deadly organization has killed millions of Nigeria for the past 7 years mostly Christians and this has sparked a lot of religious controversies between the Muslims and the Christians in which the latter now addressees the former as terrorists. This is a very sad thing for we Muslims as we all know Islam is a religion of peace and Allah SWT has commanded us not to force anyone to islam. He said in the Holy Qur'an, "... I worship not that which you worship, nor will you worship that which I worship. To you be your religion and to me be my religion..." This literarily means that there's no compulsion in religion, so who asked the self acclaimed Boko Haram to convert Christians forcefully into Islam? If they will convert, let them do it out of their own free will. The Leah Sharibu case is very sad, forcefully converting an innocent girl and then impregnating her, all this are things which the Qur'an preach against.

The fact that the Boko Haram claims to be Muslims doesn't mean they are actually Muslim. A Muslim wouldn't kill his fellow human being because the Qur'an says it is a sin to shed the blood of a human even if he's an unbeliever. Of course, they speak Arabic, and that is just a language. Even a Jew, a Buddhist or a Christian would be very fluent in Arabic if he or she learns the language. Boko Haram are just hiding beneath the veil of Islam, they're no Muslims. No Muslim would abduct little children and convert them into sex toys. No Muslim would blow up a congregation of people when worshipping their Lord. Islam means peace because it's actually a religion of peace. Those who seek to taint the religion in bad image will face the wrath of Allah. The Boko Haram especially. I believe this is a conspiracy theory against the Muslim, to blame them for everything or perhaps it's just an instrument used by the politician. Whatsoever the case may be God would vindicate us, the Muslims.

I'm sick and tired of hearing stories about Muslims being terrorists, the blasphemous statement about the great Prophet Muhammad (SAW) about being a paedophile, about the President trying to islamize Nigeria, about the Northerners seeking for the approval of Sharia law in Nigeria and many more I can't mention. I think it's worthy to know that there are religions and there are religions extremist. Prophet Muhammad is no paedophile, Muslims are no terrorists. Those who kill and call it Jihad are ignorant of the Prophet's teachings.

Pls let's join hands together to fight against this murderers who think they are above the law. Keep it in mind that they are against the progress of this great nation and they are no Muslims.

"We give thanks to Allah, the Lord of the world. The Beneficent, the Merciful. The owner of the day of judgment. You alone we worship and you alone we ask for help. Guide us to the right track. The path of those upon whom you've bestowed your blessings. Not of those who earn your anger nor of those who go astray. Amin!"

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