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Take A Look At What Islam Says About The Use Of Perfume By Women

There are a few questions that people think Islam does not deal with or has no answer for. Such questions include: Can Muslim women wear Ankles bracelets?,Can she wear perfume? Millions of questions like this have been answered by Islamic scholars. Islam is a detailed religion. Prophet Muhammad (SWA) left no stone unturned regarding every aspect of human engagements as ordained by his creator (Allah). So, name any issue in this world or hereafter that Prophet Muhammad has not done justice to except if you don't know.

Most Muslim makes use of perfumes as part of the traditions of the prophet. But it is never an obligatory. Absolutely, take it or leave it, there is no restrictions for women to apply perfume. They are permissible to apply perfume,but with her husband's choice. It is established in an authentic Hadith that the Prophet (may the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him) said:

“Any woman who apply perfume and passes by people so that they can smell her perfume is an adulteresses".

Also, in another related hadith from Zaynab, the wife of ‘Abd-Allah the son of Masood (may Allah be pleased with her and her husband) said: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said to us: “If one of you (women) wants to go to the mosque, let her not put on perfume .”(Narrated by Muslim 443).

The Prophet forbids the use of perfume for women in the second hadith simply because of the danger embedded in the act. In other words, women are allowed to apply perfume for her husband alone to appreciate and not for any member of the public especially an opposite sex. This is the stand of Islam on this question.

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