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"This message really got me," young lady says after Bishop Oyedepo posted on his Twitter page

One thing I Love about this man of God, Bishop Oyedepo, is the way he teaches. The truth been told, this man of God is really talented when it comes to preaching of the gospel.

As we all know, Bishop Oyedepo usually through his Twitter account and other social media, teaches people about the word of God. Most of the times he also makes some declarations as well.

Meanwhile, he made a wonderful teaching today through his Twitter page and a lot of people has been commenting concerning his teaching today. Below are the things he said in his teaching today,

He said, "When money becomes your greatest consideration in every affair in life, then know that you are very far from God. Jesus said you cannot serve God and mammon (money). However, if you serve God faithfully, you will have money".

However, after his teaching, many people from different angles of the country, has been reacting concerning this teaching, and some of their reactions are as follows,

A young lady identified as precious, made a comment saying that the message really got her, while another person asked a question, asking how can someone serve God when they don't have money to go to church.

Please what do you have to say, concerning what Bishop Oyedepo said?. Do you believe that we can serve God without money?.

Please kindly let us know your say concerning this. Also remember to like, share and follow me up for more updates.

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