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Pastor Oyedepo narrates why he angrily collected money back from someone he gave

Giving is seen as an act of generosity and kindness towards the needy and those in need in our society.

However, the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide AKA Winners chapel, while speaking at the Faith Tabernacle 1st service programme, revealed how he once collected back the money he gave a person in need.

While speaking on the implications of pride, the pastor said the reason for his actions was because of the person's pride and ingratitude.

While narrating the incident, the man of God said he once had an encounter with a man to who he gave some amount of money, but the man said the amount was too small.

And he asked him to return the money which the man did. The pastor then said, thank you and told him "God resists the proud, I don't owe you a thing, I just extended a heart of love to you and you rejected it"

From this story, we can see that pride goes hand in hand with ingratitude. A proud person finds it difficult to appreciate the little he or she is given or even has.

If this man in this story had collected the money he was given by the pastor, no matter how small it was, with appreciation and gratitude, the pastor would still be happy to help him out next time, but he didn't, his pride made him lose that opportunity.

Many Christians are just like this man, we see God's daily blessings as insignificant just because he hasn't answered our topmost prayer request. This is ungodly and sinful in the sight of God.

If Bishop Oyedepo could be angry at a man like himself because of his pride and ingratitude, how much more the Almighty God.

The Bible says "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty heart before a fall"

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