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5 Biblical Figures Who Died Before Their Dreams Came Through

As humans, we all have dreams and will also want those dreams to come to pass. But unfortunately, some dreams do not come to pass while some do. But the fact that we are alive is a good reason why we need to keep dreaming and working towards those dreams. Here are 5 biblical figures who died before their dream came true:

1. Sarah

Sarah was 90 years old when she gave birth to Isaac after many people thought she was barren. The Lord answered our prayer and give her a son at old age but unfortunately, she died before Isaac got married. It is the joy of every parent to coordinate The Marriage of their children but unfortunately, Sarah didn't. She died before Isaac married Rebecca.

2. Rebecca

Just as how Isaac loved Esau, Rebecca loved Jacob and she did all she did to get Isaac's blessings for her son. Unfortunately, she was no longer alive when he returned from Laban's house as a rich man. She started the process of her son's wealth but she was not there to enjoy it.

3. Racheal

Rachel loved her son Joseph but she was not there when you Rose from Grass to Grace. Due to his dreams, she must have dreamt to see her son at the top but unfortunately, she wasn't alive to see him as the Prime Minister of Egypt then.

4. Esther

The route to the pride and foolishness of Queen Vashti, Esther rose from nowhere and became the first lady. She was an orphan and stayed with her uncle Mordecai. Unfortunately, Esther's parents were not able to witness their daughter's rise but they would have dreamt of it, as every parent would.

5. Jonathan

Even though Saul wanted to kill David, Jonathan (Saul's son) loved David. David and Jonathan were, according to the Hebrew Bible's Books of Samuel, heroic figures of the Kingdom of Israel, who formed a covenant, taking a mutual oath. Unfortunately, Jonathan was killed at the battle before David became king. He couldn't witness the rise of his friend.

In conclusion, this is a reason why you need to pray to God to keep you alive so that you can witness all you have dreamt for. He still answers prayer and He is ready to answer your prayer.

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