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Say these prayers when you are fasting

1) Oh Lord, any anxiety, depression, and hopelessness in my life, take it away in Jesus name.

2) Holy Ghost, breathe into my faith, and let my faith come alive like never before in Jesus name.

3) Holy Ghost, invade my spirit, and empower my tongue in this fasting in Jesus name.

4) My father my God, every device my enemy want to use to cause disappointment in my life, destroy it by fire, and thunder in Jesus name.

5) Oh Lord, deliver me from every error, and secret fault programmed by my enemy to deny me of my blessing in Jesus name.

6) Oh Lord, every household wickedness claiming authority over me, and my destiny, caught fire, and scatter in Jesus name.

7) Oh Lord my God, restore my star, and destiny in Jesus name.

8) Oh Lord, every agent of darkness that want to use my weakness to blackmail me, disappoint them in Jesus name.

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Holy Ghost Jesus


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