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Apostle Joshua Selman Reveals The Key To Getting God’s Attention

“The key to getting God’s attention is not rolling on the ground; it is the degree to which your life aligns to kingdom call, more than fasting, more than prayer, more than bible study. The key that causes God to invest his jealousy upon a man and stay there until you rise is degree to which his kingdom can come from you. Listen very carefully, I have seen that is not difficult for God to lift people, it is not difficult for God to life an individual, the only issue is that there is nothing kingdom that is represented in our desire. It is within his power to make rich, grant a man influence, cause a generation to hear you but to what degree will his desires be represented in your pursuit? The difficulty in our Christian experience is a misrepresentation of God’s potential. It looks like God is slack, it looks like God is slow but the key is that God is vetting the purity of our desires. Until he finds himself there, you may not get his attention. You may cry. “

“God is touched with the feeling of your infirmity, but he is only moved when he finds himself in your agenda. Surrendering your heart is not the key to salvation, believing the gospel and receiving his light is the key to salvation but surrendering your life is the key to being used by God. Please understand this. The condition to be saved is not to give your heart to the lord, it is to receive his light. But when it has to doing business with God within the context of a generation, the price is death. I have said it said it again that the price for all of God is all of you. Until you die, it is a realm in the spirit called Galatians 2:20.”

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