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If You Get Married In A Dream, Here Is The Spiritual Meaning

Marriage is a bond binding a man and a woman, it was originated by God. It is a physical event and not a spiritual affair. Once it happens spiritually, Quickly pick up your Bible and start praying radically.

Kindly pray against getting married in a dream.

Say after me "Lord Jesus come into my life and destroy all the plans of the devil and his agents in my life, All ancestral curses following me, I bind them all in Jesus Name" Amen.

Here are other meaning of getting married in a dream

Marriage in a dream symbolizes worship, service and devotion.

Wedding preparation in a dream symbolizes a foundation for yourself or you will work outright.To see that someone else is marrying in a dream indicates that you will fall out with this one.

To see that you are marrying in a dream indicates that you will dedicate yourself for useful works. To see that someone else is marrying in a dream indicates that he is prayerful but you are thought wrong about you.

Someone seeing himself married although he is bachelor indicates that he will attend a welfare activity in a distant city.If he sees he has a child or children in a dream, it indicates that he will save a life.

To see a bechalor while he is marrying in a dream indicates that he will in terrible trouble. To see your bechalor friend as married and with child in a dream indicates that you will feel uneasy as you remained in the background about a work you must do.

To see that you married and your own wedding in a dream symbolizes family elders and development related to them. To see that you reacquinted with your wife although you married in a dream symbolizes breakdown of marriage because of his bad habbits.

To see that you married with someone else in a dream indicates that he gets a valuable gift from his wife.

Someone crying while she is marrying in a dream indicates that she will be very happy with someone she will meet and she will marry him.

To see that you married in home in a dream indicates that you will work in a hard work, married in mosque indicates that there will be your assistant in your job, married in wedding saloon indicates that you will reveive proposal from a different job.

Someone married older than him gets a pretty paper from state.

Seeing that you married your relative who is legally impossible or married same gender with you in a dream indicates that you were tired because of the workload in business life and you need take a rest.

Wedding ring symbolizes faithful lover. If the wedding ring is silver,it symbolizes a partner who is faithful. If it is gold,it indicates that a marriage ceremony will be performed in a short time.

Someone who sees just as he was marrying,he gave up in a dream indicates that he devotes himself to science. He also complete his work without difficulty.

Psalm 91 is a guide for mid-night prayers

Follow this page for more interpretation.

Pray hard because one with GOD is with majority.

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