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5 prayers to Destroy any evil plan over your life.

As a prosperous Christian, it is normal for the enemies to plan evil against you. So I will be saying some words of prayer, to destroy any evil plan in your life.

1  . I restrict and forbid evil movements of wicked spirits that manipulate and influence my dreams negatively. Jesus Christ says “in my Name, you shall cast out the devil.” In the most potent and powerful name of Jesus Christ, I cast out every demonic and evil spirit sent on assignment to frustrate my life through evil dreams and evil actions.

2 . By the hedge of Your protection, Oh Lord preserve those that are appointed to die this year in my family, in my church and in this neighbourhood in Jesus name. 

3 . God almighty, any man or woman that is planning untimely death for Me and my family, I command the fire of the Holy Ghost to burn and destroy that evil creature in Jesus name.

4 . I scatter and put to flight every evil and satanic gathering summoned concerning me, let them be as chaff before the wind, let the angels of the Lord chase them; let their way be dark and slippery and let the angels of the Lord pursue them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. 

5 . And Finally, lord protect me from evil people, they shay not see me and my family. And any strong man, who have been sent to Cause harm to me and my family, I command the power of God almighty to protect me and my Family in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you God for prayers answered, for in Jesus mighty name I have prayed.

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