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Likely Interpretation Of Picking Snail In Your Dream

Dream, at times has great influenced on one's life, either positively or negatively, therefore, whatever one's dream is, one has to seriously pray about it.

Are you fond of picking snails, either big, medium or small types in your dream? Well, this may likely be it's interpretation: It can fortell slow promotion or progress in one's life. Furthermore, it can also be interpreted as retarded success in life.

Therefore, anytime you have such dream, you don't need to panic or feel despondent or worry, what you should do are: take your holy bible, open to the following Psalms and read prayerfully.(Psalms 25, 28, 46 and 114).

After reading the Psalms, declare the following prayers: Oh Lord, my God, to you I lift up my head, come to my aid, destroy every power and spirit of slow motion in my life, destroy every spirit of scrawling in my life, let Holy Ghost fire consume every demonic power drawing my success, progress and promotion backwards, cancel and nullify every power stagnation in my life, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Have faith in God, your prayers shall be answered in the name of Jesus Christ. Mind you, try as much as possible to avoid sin, infact, stop commiting sins, be righteous and holy before God, improve on your prayer life and always reading the words of God. When you are doing all these things, you are moving closer to God, mind you, God Himself will surely move closer to you, obey His words and do according to His will for your life, what you ask Him in prayer to one thing or the others for you, He will hear and answer your prayers.

The good Lord will surely put an end to your nightmares and destroy every bad dreams in your life, because, with God all things are possible.

May God Almighty put an end to bad dreams in your life,in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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