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When Your Prayers Are Answered, These Are The Reasons.

Prayer is a spiritual connection between man and God. Many people; especially Christians don't really understand what prayer really is, and that's why many of them pray and don't seem to receive any answer to their prayers.

For your prayers to be answered, you must first understand the purpose of prayer. You must understand what God wants and how He wants you to pray. Don't just pray the way you want and expect that God is listening to your prayer. The Word of God in 1 John 5:14-15 talks about praying according to the will of God. Many Christians don't understand what the will of God is, and that's why many prayers are unanswered.

The Lord Jesus has repeatedly taught us in the Scriptures that when we ask anything in His name, it shall be done. But asking in the name of Jesus should with a corresponding faith and knowledge in the Word of God. You can't just pray and ask in the name of Jesus without the knowledge of God's Word in your spirit.

Whatever you ask for in prayer should and must be in the premise of God's spoken Word. If you don't read and meditate in the Word of God, your faith cannot be built to trust God enough in prayer. And it also means that you will pray wrongly, using the wrong language. This is an error every Christian must avoid in prayer.

God is always willing to hear our prayers, but it has to be a prayer of faith in the Word of God. When you pray and use God's Word, the portals of heaven are opened unto you and you will definitely receive the answers to your prayers. Let me make it clear here that the Word of God helps you pray rightly and gives you the answer to whatever you have prayed for.

I believe that as you read this article, your prayer life will change from today. You won't have to wait for too long for the answers to your prayers to come. God is always faithful and He loves us, He is willing to hear us anytime we call on him.

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