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5 Ways to Become Rich According to The Quran and Sunnah.

Islam the religion of peace has come as a way of life that has teaches Muslims how to live their life. The various approaches to life problems have been discussed in the holy Quran. Also, the prophet demonstrated a lot to his Ummah. This has been all that constitutes the Hadith and Sunnah we look forward to until today.

Today let's check out the approaches the Quran and Sunnah has given the Muslims to use in other to become rich.

1. Fear Allah.

The Islamic faith has Iman as the fist pillar of faith. Before you can call yourself a believer you must have the fear of Allah. However, according to the Quran in At-Tahrim 2-3. Allah has promised those who fears him to make way our of unexpected sources. The fear of Allah is this basic thing that guides you to the right path.

2. Give Zakat and Charity.

Giving of charity and alms is a key to success if you don't know. You might think you don't have enough. But the little you have hasn't gotten to thousands of souls in the universe. At every space you find yourself as a Muslim who is seeking for more riches from Allah. Always try to give to the needy because Allah has promised to multiply the riches of he who gives alms.

3. Avert Riba.

Usury/Collecting of Interest is something that is Haram in Islam. Interest is considered as eating up from other people's wealth.

4. Seek Forgiveness.

Seeking forgiveness of Allah is a key factor to success. Everyday we engage in some sinful acts. Though, Allah is the All forgiving who is ready to enlarge the coast of believers who have come to seek for forgiveness.

5. Give Thanks.

Giving praises and thanks to Allah is something which is very important. Allah had promised to give more to whosoever that is thankful and remindful of him.

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