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Prophetic Declarations By Dr. Paul Enenche


The God Who turned around the situation at creation, the situation of Hannah, the situation in the valley of dry bones, and the situation at the wedding of Cana of Galilee, is here, and that turnaround is happening right now!

Step into your season of destiny, marital, career, and health turnaround!

Every stranger around your life leaves you now, and you are stepping into your testimony!

Every minister who came in here trusting God for a turnaround, it is released!

Everyone who has scheduled you for death will take your place in that schedule!

Whatever has limited or paralysed your destiny, it is over today!

Everything they are trying to feed you within the dream to destroy your life and destiny, that agenda of the devil is over!

Every demonic deposit in your life is cancelled!

What they have planned for you, your family and your loved ones will never work! Their evil plans will backfire!

Everywhere they have orchestrated evil for you or your loved ones, today, that evil backfires!

You will not die like a chicken! The devil looking for you will not find you!

I prophesy today, everyone in despair, frustration or challenge, by the Word you are hearing, that climate is arrested and deleted!

Every frequent harassment of your life is arrested forever!

Every witch, wizard, occult man or woman behind your stagnation, frustration, barrenness and empty-handed, today, I release the prophetic judgmental mantle and decree their expiration! Today is not permitted to end until you have heard the news of its expiration!

Everyone is ripe for marriage with an embargo on their life, I prophesy today, that embargo is lifted!

Every garment used to cover you so you cannot be seen or identified, that garment is set on fire now!

God shall expedite your expectations!

Every result working against you is hereby cancelled!

Everything that the devil has used to tie down your life, today, it is set on fire!

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