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Church Announced Anointed Broom Program In Otukpo For Financial Prosperity

It is no longer news that Nigerian pastors have turned the house of God into business premises. Many churches across Nigeria have been playing with people's emotions all in the name prophetic release. Many of these so called men of God capitalize on the problems facing people to extort sums of money from their members. You hear of things like Prophetic offering, mantle offering, etc.

In most of these churches one must pay money for anointing oil, mantle (handkerchief) apron (the Lord's Chosen) , anointing water, special stone, anointing sand etc.

Recently one popular church in Otukpo Benue state, announced broom program, according to the past, anyone that will participate in the broom program will become a millionaire and anyone fighting such a person will die. I was thinking the pastor will say while coming to church come with your broom but to my he announced that there will be a special annionted broom which will be sold in the church, he emphasized that if anyone buys the broom outside it will not work, everyone was expected to come with #200 for each broom and each broom will only work for a room, so if you have 5 rooms you have to buy 5 brooms from the church etc. On the D-Day many people came to the church for the broom program, people were buying as much as possible, those who couldn't afford the broom were looking pathetic, some begged people to help them get at least one broom. I keep asking where are we getting all these from? Is the gospel Jesus preached for us, I heard Jesus say... Freely I received ... freely I give.

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