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Destroy every blockage between you and the answer to your prayers

Let's say these prayers:

1. Oh lord, any blockage from my prayers going up to you be it restrictions in the air by the prince of Persia and medias, in the land, in the sea and oceans that have made up their mind to hinder my prayer from going up to you and also hindered my answer from coming down to me. Let them be destroyed and burnt down in Jesus Name. Oh lord give attention to my prayers today and give me a speedy answer in Jesus Name.

2. Oh Lord, every mirror placed to be used in monitoring my life, career, finance, work, family. Let that mirror be scattered and shattered into pieces in Jesus Name.

3. Father let your word in Psalm 68:30-31 "Rebuke the wild beasts dwelling among the reeds [in Egypt], the herd of bulls (the leaders) with the calves of the peoples; trample underfoot those who lust for tribute money; scatter the peoples who delight in war. Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall hasten to stretch out her hands [with the offerings of submission] to God." Be accomplished in my life in Jesus Name.

Thank you Lord Jesus. 

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