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Benny Hinn Reveals The Number Of Jews That Jesus Drove Out Of The Temple

Pastor Benny Hinn of the Texas based Benny Hinn Ministries has shared on his official Facebook page the video of a message he delivered on the personality of the Lord Jesus Christ.

According to the cleric, he has revealed in his words from 18:17 to 19:13 of the video on the personality of the Lord Jesus Christ that, the loving, humble, and mild, Jesus was also very powerful and full of energy while on earth. His personality towers above every other people because God had empowered Him and given Him the power to be revered. On this, the cleric has revealed an instance to buttress this on Jesus' aggressive removal and expulsion of those that bought and sold in the temple in Matthew 21:12.

The cleric has revealed the extent to which the people of then sacrificed in the temple during the period of Passover in that, about 300,000 castles were traded in the temple, every Passover—revealing the facts that, the Lord Jesus Christ drove out close to 50,000 Jews, who were buying and selling in the temple. According to the cleric, you don't just throw out 50,000 people with a small body and mild voice, it requires a bold and awesome presence to achieve that, and this Jesus did.

As revealed by the cleric, it takes someone muscular, and that commands revered authority to throw or drive out Jews when they are busy with their business. But, the Lord Jesus Christ successfully drove them out and cleanses the temple. He drove them out and condemned their activities in that, the house of God is supposed to be a house of prayers but they have turned it instead, into the den of thieves.

You can watch the Video here

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