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Two qualities of a believer that block off the evil attacks of the devil against his destiny.

The fight against destiny began from the day Satan was thrown down from heaven over his pride and envy to dethrone God. Man's successful living in the garden of Eden was destroyed by Satan's decisive and strategical evil plan.

And till date, Satan has never grown weary of attacking the destinies of men in order to hinder these men from manifesting and attaining to their successes in life. But there are some qualities that a believer possesses which block off Satan's deadly attacks against his/her destiny.

These two qualities include:

1. Spirituality: This involves a strong relationship between a believer and the spirit of God, which always guides the believer in successful pathways. A spiritual man always trends on the pathway of his destiny in order to attain to success, as he is always ahead of the physical time through God's revelations and interpretation. And a spiritual believer is not ignorant of the wicked devices of the devil against his success. Because he always receives futuristic revelations and directions from God upon him regarding to his destiny and success.

2. Purity of heart: This is the freedom of a man's heart from evil against anyone or against someone who has hurt him. Matthew 5:8 says that "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God". However, every believer knows the great benefits of seeing God, because no one remains the same after an encounter with God. This purity of heart involves:

a. Heart to forgive all the evils of men.

b. Heart that does not seek retaliation or revenge against its offender(s).

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