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See Reactions As Popular Muslim Teacher Imam of Peace, Says Jesus will return as a Savior

Popular Islamic teacher, Has come out to state that the Muslims acknowledges Jesus as the Messenger of God and That he will return as the Savior.

As he claims that is what is being taught by the Koran.

The Imam tweeted this early this morning and he said.:

Which religion teaches that Jesus:

1- was born from virgin Mary

2- was sent by The Creator

3- will return as a savior 

4- is the link between man and God

5- created and cured with the permission of God (the Father)

6- had miracles

7- is a true Messenger from God

Answer: Islam.

And the tweet has sparked a lot of reactions here are some of the Tweets.

@toheebAkorede: Is Jesus the author of the book of roman?

@Grace: Yes. Jesus is the Author of all things, including the humans He inspired with His Holy Spirit to write the words of Scripture. The Bible says “by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible...”

@toheebakorede: The word by him who are they referring to, and if Jesus created everything including Mary then who created Jesus

@Toheebakorede: If you want to no everything about Jesus Christ A S. I mean the truth get a copy of Quran.

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