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Truth About Destiny Everyone Should Know

Destiny is the most difficult topic to treat as it gives scholars different opinions and interpretations.

It is believed islamically that destiny is written and sealed. It is purely controversial, whether the written and the sealed destiny can be changed for whatsoever reason. While some believe it that destiny can be changed, it has been destined that changes will occur as nothing will happen outside the destiny; to holder of this believe if any changes occur, it doesn’t mean a seal is open and something new is written in it but it is part of predetermined whole that action will be taken or an even will take place that will change the direction of such person’s life so nothing new is written.

On the other side, those that believe a change can occur do so on the basis of some Islamic believe like night of majesty that if a prayer is answered it can change the destiny. In other words, unsealed the sealed fate.

No one in my own believe is totally wrong and I believe the final answer open to no one. We are all at best speculating base on some facts and findings we found our believe or reason to be align with.

In recent time my doctrine was shifted a little bit in the sense that I come to reason it that where a change occur may actually be a blank Cheque for human being to fill, if Almighty wishes, then our action, inaction, prayer, wish and work actually filled the blank space.

The factual fact is "Destiny doesn't change ".

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