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Say This Prayer For Your Divine Miracle From God

We all have that thing in our lives that only a miracle from God can solve. That is why we should ask God for this miracle. It could be financial, material, spiritual, academical or even a social miracle we need. The point is what ever type of miracle we are in need of, all we have to do is pray and seek God's face. But, we can't do all that if we re still livng a sinful life. We have to ask God for mercies and stay away from sins if not our prayers would not be answered.

Say this short prayer for confession of sins:

'O lord my father, I come before you today to ask for forgiveness from every sin that have captured my heart. I am sorry for allowing the devil to plant sin into my life. Father, I genuinely am sorry and want to change from my wicked ways. Jesus, please help me to change and start afresh in you that anything I ask of you shall be granted unto me. Thank you for forgiving me, in Jesus name I've prayed, AMEN'.

After confessing the prayer above, you can now pray this prayer for your miracles:

'Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you for all you have done for me. Thank you for making me to be able to come before you today. Lord you said in your word that what so ever I ask from you in faith, I shall receive. Lord, I'm here to ask you for my divine miracles in this remaining days of the year father, I pray you do that which no man can do in my life and surprise my enemues that they may know that you alone are God. Father, solve this difficult situation in my life and show yourself might that at the end, all men shall praise you as the omnipotent God. For in Jesus name I've prayed, AMEN'.

Please do well to follow us for more prayer posts. Remain blessed.

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