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Why it is important to keep certain informations to yourself - Apostle Joshua Selman.

One of the most neccessary part of human life is communication. However, we need to know that our communication needs to be guided, otherwise, it may land us into regrets. This article is going to be revealing the importance of controlling our speech as explained by Apostle Joshua Selman.

For as long as Samson kept the secret, he remained a mystery, but when he opened up the secret to a strange woman called Delilah, that was it". Samson was a great man, but because he could not control his mouth, he perished

Apostle Selman revealed that disclosing one's plan to others can hinder the plan from working out. He made an example with Abraham's plan to sacrifice his son, Isaac as commanded by God. "Isaac was thirteen years, do you think he would just climb the mountain just like that, to go and die?" We all know that if Isaac knew that he was to be the sacrifice he wouldn't be willing to go with Abraham his father to the mountain. 

Not telling people about your plans doesn't mean that you do not trust or love them. Apostle Selman explained that "there are certain people, the best time to tell them a news is when it has happened, so they will just join in the celebration. But once you involve them in the process, they don't have the faith to believe with you, so, they will just discourage you" he also stated that "some informations should not get to some people, because they are too emotional to become part of your destiny helpers". There are other biblical events where people got into trouble because they told others about their goals. A popular example is Joseph's adoption into slavery after he told his brothers about his dream of ruling over them.

To conclude it all, we need to be conscious of the fact that some people around us are not happy with our visions and goals, therefore, we need God's wisdom in controlling the words that come out of our mouths. It is also important to know the type of friends we share vital informations with. 

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