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Devotional:The Blessings Of Forgiveness And Dangers Of Unforgiveness (29/04/2021)

Man is a social being that lives together and serves one another in love and unity. However, we naturally tend to offend one another at one time or the another, regardless of how careful we may try to bear and cope with one another in life. For life to continue ,it's necessary we develop the attitude of  forgiving and forgetting whenever others steps on our toes.Importantly, Forgiveness is the act of pardoning people for their offenses. In other words, you let go completely when people wrong you.THE BLESSINGS OF FORGIVENESS : The benefit and blessings you stand to enjoy are as follows : firstly, your heart becomes the heart of love that God can flow through to fulfil His promises . secondly, It also opens the opportunity for you to be mightily blessed by God. Thirdly,it attracts divine attention, presence and intervention into your life and in addition, makes the Lord to step in to your situation. Furthermore, it leads to speedy answers to all your request which also leads to great In addition, it makes us healthy both Physically and spiritually. THE DANGERS OF NOT FORGIVING OTHERS  Firstly, failure to forgive others hinders and prevents the power of God to also forgive you, and this hinders your prayer. Secondly, holding people’s offenses against them will lead to anger and bitterness.thirdly, Anger and bitterness then become an open door for the enemy to impart sicknesses, failure, resentment, and disappointment into your life. It can lead to Sickness and untimely death. WHAT YOU MUST DO. Dear beloved, choose to forgive and stay healthy for your own good. Remember that human beings are fallible, and you will also need others to forgive you when you step on their toes or offend them in the journey of life. Therefore, don’t find it too strange when people wrong you. Develop the heart of forgiveness and easily forgive people their sin or evil. Having this kind of heart will draw God closer to you and use you to heal many hearts to enhance fellowship among the children of God. PROPHETIC DECLARATION FOR THE BLESSING OF FORGIVENESS. [1] the Lord will open the heavens and shower Blessings upon your family in the name of Jesus. [2] the Almighty God shall step in to your situation and attend to all your needs, in the name of Jesus Christ. [3] the power of God shall silent your enemies and fight all your battles, in the name of Jesus Christ. [4] your prayers shall never be hindered in the name of Jesus Christ. [5] the Lord will build a strong wall of protection roundabout your family, in the name of Jesus Christ. 

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