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In The Spirit Realm; What Is Captivity?—Dr Dk Olukoya Reveals

Dr Dk Olukoya, the founder and Senior Pastor of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries has shared the video of a message he delivered on his official Facebook page on captivity. As revealed by the cleric, he shared in his words things to know in the spirit realm concerning captivity. Below are the things, as shared by the cleric, from 1:03:50 to 1:05:29 of the video.

As revealed by the cleric, in the spirit realm, captivity could be defined as a state of affliction. It is a position of terrible hardship, and a condition, contrary to your well-being. According to the cleric, captivity is a situation that brings fear and sorrow. It could also be seen as rude opposition; a situation whereby you are being opposed from left, right and forward.

As revealed by the cleric, anything that inflicts stubborn hardship is known as captivity. Captivity is a big opposition and distresses that is against your well-being. The cleric has shared an illustration of what captivity means in its practical senses that, when a very huge man, who is so muscular that, he can wring and destroy anything in his power is being controlled by a bottle of beer; that is what is called captivity. As muscular and powerful as a man is, the intoxication he derives from the consumption of alcohol can keep him captive.

Also, as revealed further by the cleric, captivity is anything that does not enable you to stop when you are supposed to stop. As a person, you know what you are doing is bad, and capable of destroying your integrity; you know that what you are doing is against the will of God and can land you in hell but, you continue addicted to it, that is captivity. As you continue to fall into these habits, you feel bad and cry about it. You could sometimes even confess your sins to them but, in a few minutes, you are back, again in it. That is what is referred to as captivity.

You can watch the Video here

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