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Check out Abaya for special occasions

Just as Christians have church clothes,so do the Muslims have abaya as what they wear to mosque on Fridays.

Abaya is an expensive apparel which the Muslims ladies and woman wear for occasion like wedding,Eid Mubarak, naming ceremony,etc.

It's an apparel that can't be worn to stay at home but to important places and for occasion due to the respect attached to it probably because it's very costly.

Abaya is an apparel that can be worn alone or as after dress depending on the design because it has various styles like open front which can be wear on top other clothes as(after dress) like trousers and tops with the rope tied or left to expose what the person is wearing inside. While the other is a normal long big gown.

It usually fit tall, chubby,hipsy and busty ladies and woman more than the slim short ladies or woman.

It's actually for everyone because it brings out the beauty of a woman without exposing her skin.

Every woman is beautiful and with Abaya,one can tell that a woman's beauty is seen when her whole body is covered.

Do you know that with Abaya, your skin is protected from much sun as it will always look fresh and young?


Because there's no exposure to sun to get sun burn.

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