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Powerful Prayers From Dr D.K.OLukoya, Pray with Authority and Posses Your Possessions (Today)


Pray with Faith

1. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I take Authority over this day and henceforth.

2. I am in connection with Heavenly Resources today, I shall not lack anything meaningful to Jesus name.

3. I asked Lord Jesus for the cleansing of my sin and make me pure in his sight .....Amen.

4. I decree that today is the day in which the Lord God has made , so shall I be rejoice and glad in it.

5. I command that every creatures shall hear me and work on my favor in the Mighty name of Jesus.

6. By the power of God , I pull down eall negative powers and evils plan set to operate against my life...Die by Fire in Jesus name.

7. Every satanic programmes assigned to work on my life I release fire today to destroy you and nullify your activities in my life Jesus name.

8. I hereby welcome my day(s) out of the hands of wicked the Power of the Anointing.

9. O ye sun, moon and the stars fight against the stronghold of witchcraft targeting my days... Destroy by fire.

10. I disconnect every satanic and demonic connection in my life the Mighty name of Jesus.

11. Every negative things written in the cycle of the moon against me today, be blotted out in the name of Jesus.

12. I storm every periodic frustration and failure in Jesus name.

13. I possess all my possessions that was denied from me , I claim them all back by the power of the Almighty.

14. Point your finger on the sky as you say this prayer: Every negative things programmed into the sun against me, I dismantle you Jesus name.

15. Lord , Cause my whole heart to be at rest, Trusting in you alone today and henceforth....Amen.

16. I refused to to be in the Right place at the Wrong time, but I shall be in Jesus name, Amen.

17. O God, let my fellowship with You today become greater for my Dominion.

18. Thus saith the lord: " let no power, principalities or ruler of darkness troubles me...for I bear I my body the Blood of the Lamb"... In Jesus name.

19. O Lord, please empower me to pluck the seed of Success...Give me the ability that is equal to my Opportunity.

20. O Father Lord, empower me to reach my goal, Give me the sufficient days to reach my goal, Guide my words and let them bear fruits. Give me Divine Alertness to always recognize Divine opportunity in my life.

I made all my Prayers Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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