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Wives Need To Know This Now: Be Careful Who You Visit Without Your Husband's Consent. See Dangers

Wives, there is a serious issue we need to address urgently. There is a common way some wives are causing a serious destruction to their marriage relationships. Many wives think that this very thing can't cause any issue. Today, many marriages are damaged due to this single act. We shall be addressing it today and I hope every wife that come across this will take an immediate action to stop it.

Many wives have the habbit of visiting some so-called pastors and prophets. They feel it is normal to visit the so-called men of God in order to get their marital relationships problems, conceptions issues and other problems solved. How dangerous is this?

The truth is that many are out there bearing pastors, evangelists and other religious titles yet, they are devils in disguise. Aside from cases where pastors rape women, some of them consult with demons to seek for a solution to your problem.

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I have seen some ignorant wives jubilant because what a prophet told the came to pass. Some present their babies believed to have been conceived after the so-called man of God has pray for them. It is a pity to inform you that some of those babies could be associated with demons.

Many of those who visit such people will tell you that they were asked to do some unusual things. Some have to sleep the the so-called men of God in order to conceive or have some of their problems solved. This is evil and those pastors are demonic. Wives, under no circumstances should you sell you family to the devil by sleeping with a so-called man of God. How will you collect charms you call spiritual water or oil to tie the soul of your husband with demons all in the of you want him to love you more? Are you ignorant that any love outside the "will" isn't love?

Wives, you must keep your family from being exposed to the devil and demons. It's wrong for any wife to do such a thing. You don't need to charm your husband to make him love you only do the right thing; love will flow naturally.

It's with bitterness of heart I am telling you that you first pastor and prophet is your husband. Any pastors your husband haven't summited to, it is dangerous for you to listen to his advise.

To visit such pastors reveal your spiritual weakness. How will you pass God the author of everything and pass your husband who is your head and even visit a prophet with out his approval. Don't repeat this mistake again.

You must be spiritual. If your husband hates you, you can claim his love back in your place of prayer. Why do you rush to destroy yourself and others? Please stop it.

If you have done it before, it's time to pray for deliverance for yourself and your family. If you haven't done it before, never try it. Pray to God for protection against spiritual powers and principalities that may rise against your family. Circulate this vital information now to young women and wives. Some are already entering into a covenant with the devil unknowingly. Save marriages now. You may also share it with your wife/husband. Two of you must stand and fight your battle

In conclusion, never ever visit any prayer house or prophets that your husband doesn't approve. Take it serious and don't fall a victim.

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