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Say This Powerful And Irrevocable Morning Prayer Before You Step Out Today.

Prayer is a great privilege that God has given to every one of his children. Our God is able to do whatsoever we ask from Him.

Say This Powerful Morning Prayer Before You Step Out Today.

1. Prayer against untimely death.

2. Prayer Divine protection.

3. Prayer for God's preservation.

4. Prayer for God's shelter.

5. Prayer for God's presence.

6. Prayer for God's blessing and favor.

7. Prayer for every members of the family:

The blood of Jesus shall be upon every members of my family in Jesus, because your says that when you see the evil will pass over us, so therefore I cover myself, my family members and loved one today with precious blood in Jesus name.

8. Prayer for long life and God's salvation.

9. Prayer against wickedness of evil ones.

The Lord shall be with you today in Jesus name. His presence, Providence and protection shall compass around you in Jesus name.

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