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4 Biblical Scriptures Where People Pray Like The Muslims

Muslims ways of offering prayers to Allah (God) is usually done in procession.

However, five things that usually accompany Muslims when they pray include ablution (washing of oneself), Standing, bowing down, and kneeling position with their forehead touching the ground.

Meanwhile many people are not aware that there are certain verses in the Bible where we see people pray in the same manner. We are going to take a look at 4 places and where they can be found in the Bible.

1. Washing of feet and hands

The washing of the feet, hands, and face is the first step in doing Islamic prayer. Despite the fact that Christians do not do this process before praying, the Bible contains an example of doing so before prayers. In Exodus 40:31-32, it is stated that this occurred.

"It was used to wash the hands and feet of Moses, Aaron, and his sons, among others. They washed their hands whenever they entered the tent of meeting or came close to the altar, as the Lord had instructed) Moses to do so."

2. Removal of shoes from the feet

Muslims remove their shoes before entering the mosque to pray, after washing their feet, hands, and faces. Surprisingly, there is an example of this in the Bible.

When Moses approached God, God told him to remove his sandals, which he did in Exodus 3:15.

3. Praying on Standing Position

When a Muslim enters a mosque to pray, he or she must take a standing position for the prayer. Here's an example from Mark 11:25, when Jesus talks about gathering his disciples to pray together:

4. Bowing and bending down on one's knees.

Lastly, Muslims lower their heads in prayer, whether they are within the Mosque or outside somewhere else. During Jesus' withdrawal from his disciples, according to the Gospel of Luke 22:41-43:25, he proceeded ahead and bowed down to pray.

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