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Set Your Tithe Aside And Give It To The Levite, The Foreigner, The Fatherless And The Widow-Deut 26:12

Today we bring to you an article on what the bible said on the book of Deuteronomy 26:12 where it says "Set Your Tithe Aside And Give It To The Levite,The Foreigner,The Fatherless And The Widow". All along most Christian have been quoting the book of Malachi where it says we should bring one tenth, of all our earning so that there will be food in his tabernacle, while it promised that we shall in return have food abundantly in our store house , that, we may not have room enough to keep them.

But the original mind of God on tithe is that stated in deut 26:12, it should really be given to not only to our pastors , the levite .But also a portion of these tithes should be extended to the foreigners in the congregation, also to the fatherless and the widow.

It would be nice, we put the bible to work to the later, so that it will be well with us , and our society. Let us consider how lovely our world would be if the tithe we give in our churches are extended to people who don't have father to take care of them , to the widows whose husbands have since passed away, or to the foreigners who have nowhere to run to for help.

We would notice that strife and stealing would end and the world would be a better place. God has made the world beautiful, let us follow his footsteps today and see how beautiful our world would be.

What is your take on this? We would love to hear from you, as your opinion is very much important to us.

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