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As a Christian lady what do you want in a man that you plan to spend the rest of your life with?

The response of some ladies to the question above is as stated below. If you are woman,and you are single, let us know what your own opinion is below, in the comment section. As a single man reading this, what is your view about these single lady’s comment?

·       I want a man who loves God. One who is willing to follow where the Holy Spirit leads. A man who believes in healing, baptism of the Holy Spirit and someone that I can have Godly conversations with and we can encourage one another.

·       I prefer a man that love God with all his heart soul mind and strength and he also have to love himself. A man that stand up for righteousness no matter what. A man that will honor me protect me and provide for me. A man that have a desire to help people. A man that desires to seek Gods will for his life and his ministry. I guess I want a super-spiritual man.

·       He must be God fearing man. Someone to pray with. Someone to fast with, have Bible studies together and everything else will fall in place. Just keep God in the midst of your relationship.

·       Someone who will motivate me to get closer to God. Someone who wants a testimony of being married for 50+ years and there was no cheating. The notebook movie ending kinda love

·       There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing, I don’t even trust the so called “Christian man” out there anymore. It takes YEARS to get to know who someone REALLY is. Someone replied her and said, "it’s too bad you lost faith in men but that doesn't mean there aren't any out there". Her response was, "no you have no idea of what I went through in life. It has NOTHING to do with what you said concerning having a “high standard of a man” as you assume. I met an EXTREMELY “devoted MAN OF GOD” at a bible believing church, who turned out to be more of a child of Satan after his TRUE colors came to the light. I’ve had to deal with him the past 19 years but It would take way too long to type the whole story out here. Just know...IT TAKES YEARS TO GET TO KNOW THE TRUE PERSON YOUR WITH! The reply to her was, "May be you have high expectations and standard of a man, that why you see they are unworthy. Do not expect perfect Christian man.

·       Someone’s who is really walking the walk with Jesus. Not just saying a whole bunch of scriptures.

·       Even if he was a God fearing man, my grandmother always taught me that a man is always a man first before he's a Christian. So ladies, no such thing as a perfect man, but if he loves Jesus and loves you, then that's all that matters.

·       One-woman man who never cheat his woman and accept her for who she is. Especially a God fearing man who share the words of God with her

·       A man after God's heart

·       A man that has a personal relationship with God. A man that is strong but yet gentle and kind at the same time. One who is confident, outgoing and adventurous at heart. He must be generous, trust worthy, humble, tolerant, good communicator. He has to LOVE the LORD, be kind, generous, easy to talk to. Have strong family values, humble, honest, forgiving, appreciative.

·       I'm so for real, just be who you are because being Christ like is not a put on! It's a come on! & if Christ be in you, a person will know! I just want the man, the real man! God will handle the rest!

·       I thought a long time about this and I arrived at this, ‘he must love God, be Intelligent and funny (both a must), Love people, Love Dogs, at least like fishing, like football, Kind, Understanding, Tolerant of family idiosyncrasies

·       Jesus lover, intelligent, be kind, gentle, responsible, manly, makes me feel safe, desired and loved. Likes to have fun inside and outside the house. Wants kids but won't lose it if we can't have any

·       A crucified man, taking up his cross daily. A man who gave up his will, for the Will of God

·       Someone who does the right thing when nobody’s looking. That’s a rare breed. Someone with high morals. Someone who doesn’t school other people. Instead they set example

·       One with a genuine heart of love. The kind of love that comes from knowing and walking with God. A love that is patient and kind and understanding. A love that brings forth a friendship that is full of trust and fun. And someone to laugh with and be silly. A man who I can share what the best part of my day was as well as the worst part and lastly a man who will pray for me knowing that God is our strength

·       A real man who is neither conflicted in his masculinity or ashamed of his faith and spirituality. He must be a man that is able to make his way in the world and a spiritual leader in his own home and the church.

·       I want a man that will protect me from this world. Someone replied her, "there is no such a man believe me. That man is Jesus alone

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