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The Secret Of Experiencing Daily Miracles - Pastor Kumuyi Reveals

The General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, has revealed the secret of experiencing daily miracles.

In a video on his verified Facebook page, the man of God said that it is possible for people to experience miracles every day. Kumuyi said, "The secret of experiencing daily miracles is in:

1. Keeping your mouth under control: He said, "The power of miracles and misery is in your mouth. Make your spoken words align with the written word."

2. Obedience to divine instructions.

3. Righteousness: Kumuyi said, "Instructions in righteousness will make you powerful and purposeful if you observe to do them."

4. Submission to the authority of Christ.

5. Focusing your attention on the commandments of Christ.

6. Maintaining the landmarks: Kumuyi said, "These are the marks, pillars, and markers of the territory of the word of God, which you must follow as they direct you."

7. Conforming your life to the example of Jesus.

8. Living your life to conform to the word of God.

Kumuyi further said that Abraham didn't see the miracle of a child before he believed.

(Fast forward the video to 37 minutes, 40 seconds.)

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