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Stop Running Away From Evil Men And Women, Rather Do This And they Will All Be Afraid of You.

Most people still live in fear of so-called bad men and women. So many have refused to return to their villages for fear of murder. Some children have never stepped on their feet because they fear poisoning or being trapped. This has given rise to war prayers in so many churches today. The problem is growing rather than decreasing. Have you ever wondered when these things will come to an end? Has it ever occurred to you that another surface when a certain bad man or woman dies? When you prayed "fall and die," how many died? How many died?

Citizens lost faith in Christianity because of ignorance. In Hosea 4:1, the Bible states, "My men perish because they have no understanding." The only thing the enemy is afraid of is this intelligence. I want to share this knowledge with you today. Let me share some information before I go through stuff you have to do, and you can learn the rest from the Bible.

When Adam was created by God, he not only gave the breath of life to Adam, but also put his spirit within Adam. When Adam sinned, God's Spirit abandoned him. The devil tempted Eve to eat the fruit, not to open his eyes, but to sin by disobeying God. God's Spirit hates sin in them, He went immediately away and they had no advocate as we now did. They began to act oddly as somebody who came out of deliverance because a Spirit left them. The Spirit was there to lead them right and wrong. The Bible reported that in his sinful nature Adam started children not in God's nature any more because he was not in it. The rule was issued to substitute God's Spirit.

Christ came to restore the ruin of Adam. The law was still active when Jesus was alive. He was engaged as required by law. But in three days he told the Jews that he would put the Temple of Jerusalem down and build it, meaning that his death and resurrection would be born of a new way of worship that is Christianity.

Chris paid the price, He died, He rescued the person from the enemy's bandage, He won, Glory reigns. He told the apostles when he was about to ascend to heaven to send the consoler of the Holy Ghost. That which Adam lost came down to live again in us. The book of 1 Corinthians 6:19 states, "Were not ye sure, your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit that is in you? If the Spirit of God were sent down because Christ had paid the price, a disappointment from the bad, the Spirit of God would depart again, as it did at the time of Adam.

The Holy Spirit directs and protects you. He talks often to the core but our issue is that we do not respect His speech. For you to realize that He lives in you, you find it impossible to do things regardless of how you do them, the Spirit tries to remind you that this is not healthy, do not do so.

Are you now conscious that the rule was done away in? Emmanuel is again with the Power of Heaven! If you're always searching for Heaven in alters, my dear You 're Right!

 To defeat all the enemies around you, here are 11 things you must do.

Please ensure that you read clearly what I wrote about information. What I'm going to write now isn't going to work for you if you don't know Heaven.

1. Through denying them, you beat them. You don't have anything to do with an immoral man or woman. They are not in life as far as you are concerned. Ignore them and reflect on Christ and his completed mission. He won all the fighting for us. They 're not worth your precious energy and money, so don't owe it to them.

2. Be bold and brave. The Bible says in 2 Timothy 1:7, "God has provided not the spirit of fear, but the spirit of strength, of love and of good will."

3. Fill God's Spirit in you with God's word. God's Spirit in you feeds on God's word. It grows as you study God's word. Just as the Igbo Offor grows bigger as blood is shed. As the Spirit rises, it becomes more aggressive.

4. Avoid looking at yourself as a weaker car. You aren't weak, you 're as strong as God.

5. Christianity is life in spirit, so live as a spirit, obeying the voice which always speaks to your heart. No harm ever will come to you if you follow the Spirit 's message.

6. Should not even remember them when you pray. While you pray. Zero the mind and the Holy Ghost romance.

7. Holy Ghost is still happy to follow your orders. Just tell him what you want and it will be done right away. He does everything for us except killing him, not killing people. To all the one you ask Him to go and kill, Christ our high priest is gone.

8. Avoid introducing yourself to issues. All you call answers. "The idol of my dad's house, my downfall planning, be consumed with fire." The idol will answer you and adds more trouble to the one you face. When you know like God is going to answer your prayer, why not take the opportunity and tell Him to lift you up. Teach the Holy Spirit to take over your company and let nothing enter.

9. Don't mar your hands when attending indigenous doctors. And there's no link between you and the enemy. If you have some relation, you 're going to be serious. They 're just going to finish off.

10. 10. Pray for your family still. Recommend God, praise Him, seek forgiveness of sin. Intercede for others, tell the Holy Spirit to take action in your house. Seal with the blood of Jesus every nook and cranny of your home.

11. 11. Show love to all, including the evil ones, whatever they plan against you.

Thank you so much for reading to the end. If you have questions , please ask me, I'm going to answer.

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